Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I have to pay to register on this site?

A. No StartVG is 100% free.

Q. When I try to insert verification code in registration page, the code is always wrong, why?

A. You need to have "Cookies" enabled in your browser. Go to Tools, Internet Options, Privacy and set the bar to low in Internet Explorer.

Q. I have problems loggin in, why?

A. Make sure your computer accepts all cookies.
In internet explorer you can enable cookies by going to Menu->Tools->Internet Options->Privacy and setting the bar to low.

Q. How do I submit a picture?

A. Login to and click control panel (top-right corner of the page).
From control panel page you can upload your personal picture. click the "Browse" button in order to locate on your computer a picture that contains JUST YOU in a VISIBLE HEADSHOT.
Your picture will be uploaded to our servers and reviewed by a moderator. Once it's approved it will appear on your personal page.

Q. After uploading my picture all I can see is a black image instead of my picture, how can I fix this?

A. Please upload another image.

Q. My picture has been rejected, what are the guidelines for a personal picture?

A. Your picture must be in jpg, bmp or gif format
Images must NOT contain any nudity or offensive material.
Images must contain you in a visible headshot.
Your picture must contain JUST you.

Q. How can I delete/remove my picture?

A. Login to your control panel and click on "Delete this picture" button.

Q. How can I Delete my profile?

A. Login to your control panel and click on "Delete Account"

Q. How do I edit my profile?

A. Login to StartVG, click control panel.
Edit your profile details and click "Save changes" to apply changes.

Q. I forgot my password, what can I do?

A. You can have a new password emailed to you.
Enter your email address HERE.

Q. How can I send messages to other users?

A. You can send messages to any user for free as soon as you have signed up and you have published your picture.

Q. How do I block other users?

A. If you don't want to receive any further message from a particular user, you can click on "Block User" in your inbox page.

Q. My profile has been removed. Why?

A. Reasons could be:
 1. Email addresses, website addresses, or phone numbers shouldn't be included in your profile (for your own security and privacy)
 2. Not enough information in your profile description.
 3. Indecent content, nude images, or harassment of other users.
 4. We immediately delete escorts, scammers, spammers, anyone trying to sell something through, and anyone trying to direct members to other websites.
 5. You must be 18+ years old.
StartVG regularly removes users we believe are not fit to use our service. About .5% of users are deleted for being repeatedly rude, mean, harassing or insulting to other members.
If your profile did not contain any of the above please accept our apologies as our system wrongly identified you, and you'll have to create a new profile.

Q. How can I know if someone is a scammer?

A. If anyone asks for money it is likely a scam. There are numerous incidents on all types of community and dating sites where someone asks for money, gets the money from another user, and then disappears.
Don't be fooled by such scams and never send money to anyone.
Please contact us immediately if you feel you've come across a scam artist or a spammer. You can notify our staff HERE.

Q. I get "Error wrong activation code!" when I follow the confirmation link received in my inbox

Possible reasons:
 1. You haven't confirmed registration within 24 hours, sign up again.
 2. You clicked the code in your email twice, your account is active, and you should be able to log in.
If you're still having problem contact StartVG providing us with your email and login details, we'll activate your account for you.


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