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 7th Inning Smash
Click to swing the bat, use arrow
to aim, arrow lenght controls
the power.
 Paradox Embrace
Use arrow keys to move your
character and spacebar to jump.
You are in a crazy mixed up world.
Find special keys and unlock
the doors.
 Shoot em All
Don't shoot skull target, you'll
lose a heart! Destroy the
targets and be fast.
Use your mouse to play.
 Addicta Kicks
Click on your mouse to set your
power, angle and curve to score
some awesome free kicks!
 Bow Shooting
Carefully aim your bow and
hit all your targets before
time runs out on each level.
Use the arrow keys to look around.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
 Super Mario Ghost Island
Super Mario Star Scramble 2
Use arrow keys to move Mario
through the arenas, collect
coins and stars. Squish monsters,
and avoid ghosts.
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