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RSS Explained

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an online format used for content distribution/syndication. In other words, subscribing to our RSS Feed will send updates/lists of our videos, games and images to a place you specify so you can watch them and you don't have to regularly check the site for updates.

Getting and Viewing RSS

You need to install a news reader or use a browser that displays RSS feeds from us. Or, instead of downloading a dedicated news reader, you can also use a web-based news reader or home page (Like your own home page at My Yahoo!, Google etc).

StartVG RSS Feeds

StartVG offers several RSS feeds for various media types (such as New Videos, New Games, New Images etc.).

To subscribe to a particular media feed, simply click on the orange 'RSS' button next to each feed, or the button that corresponds to the place you want to send and view the feed (My Yahoo!, Google etc).


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