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Use the arrow keys to walk,
double tap an arrow key to dodge.
Press spacebar to shoot,
control to throw grenades.

 East Fantasy
Fight enemies in each level,
use arrow keys to move
your character, A S to use magic,
Z X to attack.

 Sift Heads - Ultimatum
The team is back with an
unstoppable fury as they are
being chased by the police,
Alonzo and Yuuma. Vinnie, Shorty
and Kiro's skills will be put
to the test.

 Tasty Planet
Eat everything that is smaller
than yourself in each level!
Use arrow keys to control
the grey goo.

 Mario Zone
Help Mario to reach the palace.
Use arrow keys to move Mario
spacebar to shoot, beware!
his world is full of
obstacles and enemies!

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