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 Sniper Hero
As a sniper, you have to go around
enemy camps and shoot them.
Use S to stand up,
A key to hide,
R to reload, spacebar to aim
and click to shoot.

 Monster Truck Rampage
You need to get to the end of
the level destroying as many
enemy units on your
way as possible.
Use arrow keys to move your
vehicle and your mouse to aim
and fire.

 4 Way Shoot
Kill your enemies to protect
yourself and your team.
Mouse pointer indicates your aim.
Use left click to fire,
spacebar to rotate the army.
Hit spacebar to move on to
another army space when he is dead.

 Deadly Venom
Use your mouse to move Venom,
interact with targets or pick up
objects. Take down your enemies
with hand combats, knife throws
or tranuilizer gun. Use WASD keys
for stealth attacks, spacebar to
cancel knife throw or tranquilizer gun.

 Bridge Tactics
Click to place dynamite
anywhere on the bridge.
When you are ready click
on the button, wait for the
enemy to start crossing, then click
on the dynamite to blow stuff up.

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