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The game presents you with
green and red objects which will
disappear when they come into
contact with another object of
the same color. You generate
movement by clicking on the wooden
objects, which then disappear.

 Lost medallion
You're like Indiana Jones, pass
through the board using a whip
and torches hanging on the wall.
On the way to the exit you may
collect objects. Use mouse to
catch the candle and arrow
keys to regulate rope.

 Moto x arena
Are you the best rider?
Step into the Moto X arena and
prove it! Ride your bike over
the objects, use arrow keys
to play.

 Alice in wonderland
Identify the similarities in the
two different images and click
the similar object to get it
confirmed. Use your mouse
to interact.

 Legend of the golden mask
Find all the old items that are
scattered around the rooms
in this old house.

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