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 Steak and Jake
Be fast and help Steak and Jake
deliver fresh pints of milk
to waiting farm animals.
Use the mouse to control the bird,
match 3 or more coloured
bubbles to change jakes colour
to match a floor tile to fill it.

Solve 30 puzzles by placing
colored parts in a box in
accordance with a gray silhouette.
Use your mouse and spacebar
to stop the part from rotating
while dragging it.

The game presents you with
green and red objects which will
disappear when they come into
contact with another object of
the same color. You generate
movement by clicking on the wooden
objects, which then disappear.

Match 3 gems of same color in a row.
Collect some gems to complete
level. Drag the balls using your
mouse cursor.

Drop the colored balls in the right
spots at the right time.
Solve the puzzle and help the jolls
gather their same colored kids.
Use your mouse to play.

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