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 Teelonians - The Clan Wars
Our kingdom is being attacked.
Your mission is to stop
the enemies from breaching
our defenses, pick your troops
from the unit bar on the top
of the screen, then click on the
yellow circle on the war field
to place them.

 Raid Mission
Fight against your enemies,
study your strategy.
You can select the action
from command window, different action
consumes different amout of
the action bar. Use your mouse
to play.

 Fortress Guardian
The dark forces are seeking to
gain control of your lands.
Defend your castle wall
from enemies! Use your bow
or swing your sword,
use your mouse to play.

 East Fantasy
Fight enemies in each level,
use arrow keys to move
your character, A S to use magic,
Z X to attack.

 Mario Zone
Help Mario to reach the palace.
Use arrow keys to move Mario
spacebar to shoot, beware!
his world is full of
obstacles and enemies!

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