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 Babestation Alpha
It's the Gamestation party
and you're invited, but you
have to bring the 3
Gamestation babes with you.
You need a job, money and
fancy clothes. Use your mouse
to play.

 Screen kiss
You are invited to a reality TV show.
Here instead of money you get
a kiss from a sexy girl,
but first you have to find her.
Use left click to make your choice.

 Pacman vs alien
Help Pacman to liberate his girlfriend
from the aliens through
the levels.

 Bikini girls memory
Flip and find matching cards.
If cards don't match
remember them!

 Sift with shorty X-mess
Press up and down on your keyboard
to aim, right key to engage
your laser and spacebar to shoot.
To reload your weapon click
on the mag and drag it to the gun.

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