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 Sniper Hero
As a sniper, you have to go around
enemy camps and shoot them.
Use S to stand up,
A key to hide,
R to reload, spacebar to aim
and click to shoot.

 Favela Heroes
This is a defense game.
Strategically place your gang
members on the roofs.

 Wolverine and The X-Men
Use arrow keys to move Wolverine,
use your hero skills to finish
the level. Use spacebar to
fight and open doors.

 Bleach VS Naruto
Help Bleach to fight Naruto,
control your hero with arrow
keys and spacebar to use the
sword, V and B for special attack.

 Day of Valor
Use A and D to move the hero,
J to jump, K to use your sword,
L to shoot the trident.
Find your target in each level.

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