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 Monster Truck Rampage
You need to get to the end of
the level destroying as many
enemy units on your
way as possible.
Use arrow keys to move your
vehicle and your mouse to aim
and fire.

 Quake resurrection
Blow up monsters on unofficial
quake maps. Use your mouse and
arrow keys to move your character,
numbers to select weapons and
Ctrl to shoot.

 The Foyle
The Foyle is our last hope.
Space ship that will save all
survived people from monsters.
Shoot the incoming enemies.

In search of lost stars.
Use arrows for movement and mouse
to fire monsters.
Number 1,2,3,4 or Q,E to switch
between weapons. Enter or shift
to explode monster next to you.

 Escape from the planet...
...of robot monsters!
Move your agent with arrow keys,
spacebar to fire B to use granade.
The monkey is your Chief Technician
and he can unlock any door.

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