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Control your cycle with arrow keys,
enter to use turbo.
Build a wall after your opponent.
Play against the computer or
a friend, good luck!

 Pocket fighter
A mini version of street fighter,
prepare yourself and challenge
a friend. Player 1 - WASD to move.
J K L for punch, kick and special.
Player 2 - arrow keys to move.
1 2 3 for punch kick and

 Bang heroes
Evil is stirring in the west.
Bandits have taken over the
border town. Choose your
character and shoot your way
through this western adventure.
You can play alone or with a friend.

A simple but fun game to play
alone or with your friends.
Change gravity to your
character with one button.
Run and try to stay alive!

 Boom boom volleyball
Play alone or against a friend.
1P use space to hit the bomb
and arrow keys to move your character.
the aim is to get the bomb on the
opposing players floor reducing
her resistance.

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