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 Pirate VS Ninjas
Use your boat to shoot
cannonballs and kill ninjas
or pirates to win.
Use your mouse to play..
and be careful of
rebounding missiles!

 Stick Master
You are more than just a Ninja,
you are the stick master!
Use arrow keys to run, jump
and block. A, S, D, F to attack.

 Nitro Ninjas
You are a Ninja and you have
a motorbike!
Perform stunts for bonus points
and collect as many shuriken
as you can. Use arrow keys,
spacebar to jump and 1-4 for
special stunts.

 Ninja Pi Ro
Be a Ninja, a Pirate and a Robot
in this point and click adventure!
Use your mouse to click on
highlighted spots on the screen.
Changing characters enables
different actions.

 Nano ninja
Use only mouse button to control
the ninja and pass each level
with a different ninja action.

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