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 Amigo Pancho
Help Pancho escape this
crazy canyon! Click on objects
to remove them.

 King's Island 3
Use the mouse to move your character
use objects, and do actions, simply
by clicking and using the drag&drop.

 Age of Defense
Denfend your base against
invaders! You have 3 type of weapons:
Thrown object, arrow and gun.
Use 1 and 2 to change
your weapon, spacebar to
cast special weapons.

 Cover Orange
Make sure the smiley faced fruit
is protected from the deadly rain.
Use your mouse to place all
objects and wait the cloud
to pass by.

 Eukarion Tales
Young squire, are you ready
to give your life to fight
against the abyss?
Use your mouse to move your
character, point and click. Click
an object to interact and an
enemy to attack.

Showing: 1-5 of 12 | Next 5