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Use arrow keys to move your
character, X to jump and push objects.
Help him to reach the
exit portal in each level.

 Prince of Persia
After a long journey the prince
arrives at his brother's palace
only to find it in chaos.
Use up arrow key and spacebar.

 Roof top runner
Run as fast as you can and collect
coins. You must reach the
checkpoint in the given time.

 Extreme Pamplona
A journey and a great chase
in a few major european
cities. Use arrow keys to
run and spacebar to jump.
Avoid obstacles and run as
fast as you can.

Help Finwick with his delivery
for the Royal mail. Guide
him through an exciting adventure.
Use fast reflexes and creativity
to overcome the obstacles.
Use arrow keys to move your
character, spacebar to jump
and z to switch carachters.

Showing: 1-5 of 5