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 Penguins Attack 3
Penguins are here to take over
the world. Use all the weapons
and cunning at your disposal
to prevent them from reaching
their goal.

Run, jump and shoot waves of
enemies of varying difficulty
while building up your arsenal
including handguns, shotguns,
automatic weapons... Use Q to change
your weapon arrow keys to move
your penguin and mouse to aim
and shoot.

 Penguin diner 2
Click on a customer to select
then click on a free table to
seat your guest, when a customer
is ready to order will call
you, click on them to find
out what dish they want.

 Conquer antartica
Command your penguin squad
in the order to gain power
over the antartica ice territory..
You have to eliminate all
the enemy penguins.

Showing: 1-4 of 4