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 Blast Up
Click near the soccer ball,
use the explosion to knock
over all the pins.

 Addicta Kicks
Click on your mouse to set your
power, angle and curve to score
some awesome free kicks!

 Free Kick Specialist 2
Shoot the ball into the goal!
Click to set the angle,
move your mouse up and down
and click to set the elevation,
move your mouse and click
to set the curvature.

 Death Penality
Zombie football, where every group
is the group of death!
Will you make it to the final
and kill the beast of blatter?
Use your mouse to play.

 Soccer Sensation
Use right and left arrow keys to
dodge the defenders, up arrow key
to jump over short defenders.
Down arrow key to slide below
the tall ones. When the player
reaches the goal post hit
spacebar twice to lock the
direction you wanna kick in.

Showing: 1-5 of 26 | Next 5