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 Where's my Pumpkin?
It's Halloween!
your pumpkins are hidden
under magical hats... Can you
match up the missing pumpkins?

Solve puzzles and unlock
harder difficulty levels.
To solve the puzzle
you need to remove
all furballs from the
board, except for one.
Use your mouse to play.

 Sunny Park Solitaire
The object of the game is to place
all cards from the tableau
to the foundation. You can move
two cards of the same rank.

 Ink Ball
Use the mouse to play, drag,
drop and rotate paddles
to get the ink balls
into the pot.

 Governor of Poker 2
You are in town, take over all
of Texas! Choose your character,
your goal is to battle your
way in poker tournaments and
win it all. Money and fame are waiting for you!

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