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 Supreme Stunts
Biking stunt game, do stunts
with your bike and earn points
to progress. Use arrow keys
to drive.

 Motocross Racing
Are you ready to ride your
motorcycle over the hills and
perform amazing trikcs?
Use arrow keys to play.

 Nitro Ninjas
You are a Ninja and you have
a motorbike!
Perform stunts for bonus points
and collect as many shuriken
as you can. Use arrow keys,
spacebar to jump and 1-4 for
special stunts.

 Uphill Rush 2
Race on many tracks with skateboards,
scooters, and motorcycles, use spacebar
to jump, 1 2 3 4 for tricks and
5 for turbo.

 Stunt dirt bike 2
Complete each level as fast
as possible. Use arrow keys to
control your vehicle.

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