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 Shadow Agent
Welcome agent! we have a number of
assigments for you! Read each
mission and tray to kill the
correct targets. Spacebar to zoom
and use your mouse to shoot.

 Shoot em All
Don't shoot skull target, you'll
lose a heart! Destroy the
targets and be fast.
Use your mouse to play.

 Bow Shooting
Carefully aim your bow and
hit all your targets before
time runs out on each level.
Use the arrow keys to look around.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

 Blazing Assassin
Shoot all targets, use your mouse
to aim and shoot. Press R
to reload and spacebar to switch
between regular gun and sniper mode.

 Day of Valor
Use A and D to move the hero,
J to jump, K to use your sword,
L to shoot the trident.
Find your target in each level.

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