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 Teelonians - The Clan Wars
Our kingdom is being attacked.
Your mission is to stop
the enemies from breaching
our defenses, pick your troops
from the unit bar on the top
of the screen, then click on the
yellow circle on the war field
to place them.

Use the arrow keys to walk,
double tap an arrow key to dodge.
Press spacebar to shoot,
control to throw grenades.

 Notebook Wars
Shoot and destroy all the
planes coming your way in this
scrolling game. Use your mouse
to play.

 Camper Wars
Practice your marksmanship
on marked wooden targets.
Use your mouse button to fire,
spacebar to switch weapon,
R to reload.

 Bug war 2
There are 2 types of buildings:
Spawn and tower, spawn produces
units, tower attacks enemy units.
To send unit to other spawn drag
your pointer from your building
to the target building.

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