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 Paradox Embrace
Use arrow keys to move your
character and spacebar to jump.
You are in a crazy mixed up world.
Find special keys and unlock
the doors.

 Penguins Attack 3
Penguins are here to take over
the world. Use all the weapons
and cunning at your disposal
to prevent them from reaching
their goal.

 Dex Maverick
Explore this fantasy world and
help the young mage in his training.
Use arrow keys, Z to jump and
X to use your magic, hold down
X to charge up your magic.

 Sift Heads World - Act 6
Another adventure with Vinnie,
Shorty and Kiro.
Use the mouse to move around,
interact with characters, activate
action spots, pickup objects, and
to aim or shoot. Spacebar
to equip your weapon, R to
reload and W A S D keys in
animation sequences.

 Year 2012
In the year 2012, the world
is destroying. Now get ready
to escape the devastation.
Start your thrilling journey.
Use arrow keys to play.

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